Our Services:

 Spark provides fully integrated IT solutions for corporate. Deploying the latest technologies developed by the most well known vendors employing well-trained, highly experienced staff; we deliver complete IT solutions of quality and performance. Our services cover a wide range of computing areas: Banking Services (Switch – Middle Ware Interface – Internet Banking – Banking Security Systems) – SMS – IVR - Web hosting, Web design, software development, and consultancy.

1-   PayWay System :


   PayWay is a comprehensive payment system composed of individual state-of-the-art modules that provide dedicated payment services. Each module can be purchased separately, and yet each can be seamlessly linked to the others to create a powerful set of features in order to meet the needs of individual banks or processors.

3-    Internet Banking:


Internet banking is system that allows managing their bank accounts and sometimes your investments over the internet. Is perceived more favorably by banks that offer it compared to those that do not. Internet banking is currently used by consumers to:

• View Account Balances and Histories.

• Transfer Funds between Accounts.

• Generate Stop Payment Requests.

• Generate Cheque Book Request.

• View Currently Rate Exchanged.


4-     SMS Banking  :

 Short message service banking is developed to provide transactions related to client's card account via SMS. The standard "SMS – Banking" functions are as follows: Pay for mobile communication services (for any number of the Operations subscriber's phone – natural person). Receive
 information about subscriber's card balance. Receive information about the debts on public utilities. Pay for public utilities .receives information about the subscriber's debts on the services.



5-    IVR :


             (Interactive voice response) service allows

 Business to offer Voice Telephony Audio text services, including both live and recorded interactive voice services, to the consumer and business markets. It also integrates with Spark Gateway, providing the ability to trigger SMS, location and multimedia messaging (MMS) content, whilst charging the end user via their phone bill.


6-   Web Design:


E-commerce is the state of arts in business world today. Trading

is tending to be completely online. Spark is offering you the chance of introducing your business to the world through the most expressive, fixable, widespread communication media. To have your own web site is virtually equivalent to have branches
 all over the world. The need to create an efficient web presence is more vital now than ever. Our technical team and information experts will assist you in developing a solid strategy for your company. We understand the end-user’s needs and craft solutions tailored to meet those needs to achieve business success for all of our clients.

2-    HBI (Host Bank Interface)

         The objective of the HBI is to provide the bank with online authorization for the transactions of its customers through an ATM switch or any ISO 8583 compliant solutions.


The HBI will support the following transactions:

·              Point of Sale (POS).

·              Cash withdrawals.

·               Balance inquiries.

·               Account to account funds transfer (same customer).

·               Mini statements.

·               Refunds transactions

The main features of the HBI are:

The HBI will provide the following reports and tracking facilities:

·         Daily Transactions details report.

·         Authorized / rejected transactions report.

·         Monthly Transactions details report.

·         Monthly details for reversal/refund transactions.

·         Other tables / report to help troubleshooting and tracking.

·         The HBI supports full/partial reversals.

·         The HBI e supports Network Management messages (login, logoff,  echo, and protocol  acknowledgment)

          The HBI provides various sets of parameters which will help the bank customize many features on the interface without Access to Arabia intervention

       The HBI provides parameters for specifying allowed account type categories The system will not support any card management facilities and the bank should take the following under consideration:

·         Only internal fund transfers are allowed (account transfer)

Cross currency transfers are allowed between USD and Local currency only


7-   Customization Systems :

Spark provides full software solutions covering all IT needs. Our Knowledgeable, skillful software developers are ever ready to Customize and personalize our products to satisfy our client's requirements. Our software solutions include: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Web-base system, e-commerce & B2B solutions, large-scale databases.
  • ERP :

            ERP is an industry term for the broad set of activates supported by multi-module application software that help a manufacturer of other Business manage the important part of its business, including product Planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories, interacting with Suppliers, providing customer service, and tracking orders. ERP can Include application modules for the finance and human resources aspects of business. Spark provides fully integrated ERP solutions.

  • CRM
              CRM (customer relationship management) is an information industry term for methodologies, software, and usually Internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way. An enterprise might build a database about its customers that described relationships in sufficient detail so that management, salespeople, people providing service, and perhaps the customer directly could access information, match customer needs with product plans and offerings, remind customers of service requirements, know what other products a customer had purchased, and so forth. CRM is the answer to key business challenges facing every company in the Customer Economy. Customer Relationship management solutions offered by Spark provide a proactive, multifaceted approach to marketing, sales and customer care. Implementing the CRM strategies enables enterprises to become customer driven, increase customer loyalty and to improve their competitiveness and profitability.
  • Web-based Systems:

             With the increasing importance of electronic commerce and the expectation that sales in cyberspace are going towards billions of

dollars by the year 2002, organization are competing to make utmost

use of the Internet designing and developing web-based applications.

Web based applications are expected to form the bulk of new systems

Development effort.
  • E-commerce & B2B Solutions:

Businesses have much to gain from automating transactions with

Suppliers, partners and clients. There are increases in efficiency, and a wide range of other possible benefits include fewer errors, faster supply, lower stock holding, and the ability to offer personalized goods and services. According to studies published in early 2000, the money volume of B2B over the next five years expected to have a compound annual growth of 41%. The Gartner Group estimates B2B revenue worldwide to be $7.29 trillion dollars by 2004. In Spark we offer you the best chance to join thousands of companies online.
  • Large-Scale Databases:
       Now a days databases design and storage requirements has greatly evolved due to the huge changes in data types and volumes. We note that large-scale computing includes many applications with intensive I/O demands. A data-storage system for such applications must address two issues: locating the appropriate data set, and accessing the contents of data set. Spark proposes a variety of solutions that provide the performance of file systems with the flexibility of object databases.